Supply of School Furniture to Republic of Tajikistan PMU/FTI-2/ICB/2009/01 – Year 2010
Supply of Beds and Associated Items (PROC/190/10) EuropeAid/129719/M/SUP/XK – Year 2010
Supply, delivery and installation of various items of furniture for the New Information Communications Technology (ICT) Building at the University of Malta CT 2732/2009 – Year 2010
Contract for lot 14 – for specialized TVET equipment for laboratories and workshops 150 schools Romania – Year 2008
Supply for Support to Human Resources Development through Vocational Education and Training EuropeAid/126460/D/SUP/TR TURKEY – Year 2008
Supply of Equipment for the Project “Supporting the Solution of Economic and Social Integration Problems in Diyarbakýr, Þanlýurfa, Gaziantep and Erzurum as Major In-Migrant Destinations” in Turkey EuropeAid/125355/D/SUP/TR TURKEY – Year 2008
Supply of Production, Training and Health Care equipment for Correctional Institutions in Serbia Europeaid/124434/D/SUP/YU – Year :2007
Supply of Furniture and Office Equipment for Border Contact Centres and Points in Romania EuropeAid/123167/D/SUP/RO – Year : 2007
Supply of Equipment for Fashion and Textile Cluster (FTC) – Turkey EuropeAid/123016/D/SUP/TR – Year 2007
Contract for lot 3 and 8 – for base equipment for laboratories and workshops 150 schools Romania – Year 2007